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Camel 101 announces Beneath, a sanity-testing sub-aquatic horror FPS

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Get ready to moisten your diving gear, as Camel 101 has given us a peak at their upcoming FPS horror title, Beneath. Beneath bills itself as an “action-horror adventure” and is coming to PC, followed by Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Playing as deep-sea diver Noah Quinn, you stumble across an underwater research facility in the ocean’s murky depths. I’d really be interested in seeing a game about a research facility that is just operating without issue and maybe just developing flavors of drink mix, but of course, this one is infested with monsters. Actually, why not both? Why can’t it be a drink mix R&D facility that has an outbreak of dangerously delicious monsters?

In any case, Beneath will have you plumbing the oceans and uncovering the mystery of this facility while trading gunfire with foes and various unspeakable beasts. Beneath touts resource management where guns are plentiful, but ammunition is not. Combat is appropriately tactical, and sanity is short, as you’ll need to keep your sanity meter topped up. You’ll also spend some time exploring the facility’s interior and exterior.

I like the creepy aesthetic. It reminds me of the episode of the X-Files, Død Kalm. The nautical utilitarianism and oppressive shadows provide an isolating effect. Developers seem to have discovered the horror potential of ocean settings, so Beneath is going to have to work to stand out, but the initial trailer seems promising.

Beneath is headed to PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. No target release window has been stated.

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