Call of Duty: World at War Collector’s Edition owners get double XP for a week

Remember when Call of Duty 4 owners were treated to Double XP Weekends on multiple occasions, and how they didn’t have to pay extra or do anything special to get in on the action?

Yeah, well I hope those of you Call of Duty: World at War players weren’t expecting a similar treatment, because you won’t be getting it, if the following announcement is anything to go by.

From December 5th through the 12th, owners of the Limited Collector’s Edition of World at War will be able to earn double experience points. PC players can simply join any server to take part, while those on Xbox 360 must register their game here and play in the “Officer’s Club” playlists.

I’m sorry, but paying for something like experience is a bit ridiculous, whether it be downloadable content or indirectly through promotion like this. Who’s with me?

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