Call of Duty streamer gets a sniper kill by playing a recorder

Never tell me the odds

These streamers are just built different, because it feels like every time I turn around, another one has completed a seemingly impossible task in games with increasingly ridiculous means of playing said games. There was the streamer who played Untitled Goose Game by turning himself into a giant goose controller, or the Elden Ring streamer who challenged herself with beating the game using only a dance pad — you know, like you use for Dance Dance Revolution.

At this point, nothing should surprise me, but yesterday I was shocked to see a video come across my Twitter feed of a streamer playing Call of Duty: Warzone with a recorder. You know, the little plastic flute they forced seemingly every fourth grader in the United States to try to learn how to play? That’s the one.

The player’s name is DeanoBeano, and he posted a video of himself from his stream yesterday, of course with his handy dandy recorder. He’s also known for his quick-scoping, so naturally a sniper rifle was his weapon of choice. It appears that he simply mapped different notes on the instrument to match different button inputs, so after a few tense seconds of rapidly playing notes to adjust to the enemy’s movements, he unbelievably gets the kill. Hearing chaotic recorder notes overtop of Call of Duty gameplay is just as funny as you’d think it is.

I can’t keep saying enough how much I’m impressed by these players who make a well-known game their own by imposing these challenges on themselves, and they’re certainly making some of the most entertaining gaming content out there.

It seems that for now, DeanoBeano is continuing his musical shenanigans, because he’s back on Twitch looking for more musically-assisted dubs. He says he also plays with drums and a Guitar Hero controller, just to name a few, so it sounds like there’s more to look forward to from him. Godspeed, DeanoBeano, godspeed.

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