Call of Duty Season 4 Bit Party mode
It's hip to be square. Image via Activision

Call of Duty set to enter Season 4 with new Bit Party game mode

Pixelated gunplay has arrived

Every new Call of Duty season usually adds new content while keeping the standard gameplay loop relatively the same. However, Activision is looking to shake things up a little bit with Season 4 with the introduction of an all-new game mode in the form of a unique playlist modifier called Bit Party, a pixel-inspired playlist.

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Minecraft Steve would be proud of the new mode, which allows players to experience the multiplayer of Call of Duty in a new lens. In Bit Party mode, eliminating enemies causes your Operator’s head to inflate, with it resetting back to normal when you are eliminated. Even though the increased head size will certainly make you an easier target, it also gives you some perks. The bigger your head, the more points you earn for completing objectives in multiplayer.

The Retro Warfare event is also kicking off alongside the new playlist, as well as the addition of pixel-art-inspired members of Task Force 141 and a new 8-Bit Blitz Bundle. Pixelated Operator skins will feature Ghost, Price, Soap, and Farah, as well as a pixelated 8-Bit Tracer and red Violence Death EFfect for the Striker SMG and SVA 545 Assault Rifle.

Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded will also add a new Core 6v6 map titled Incline, taking place in the snowy mountains of Urzikstan. Several new game-altering modes are also launching with this season including Mutation, Havoc, Headshots Only, and Blueprint Gunfight.

The Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded kicks off across all platforms on June 26 at 12p.m EST.

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