Call of Duty dev says community is not misogynistic

Yeah, okay.

Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey has spoke out against the notion that the gaming community is corrosive, telling BBC Newsbeat he and his team has a “pretty low tolerance for toxic behavior” while downplaying its prevalence.

“I certainly wouldn’t characterize the community of fans I know and had the pleasure to engage with as toxic or misogynistic,” said the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare design lead.

“The community as a whole is very healthy, engaged and thoughtful and probably like anything anywhere well outside of gaming,” Condrey continued. “In the fringes of a lot of areas of society there are examples of people behaving poorly.

“Toxic behaviors, abusive language, inappropriate emblems, I don’t want that around,” he said. “So for our community, Sledgehammer Games and Advanced Warfare we have pretty low tolerance for toxic behavior.”

Just make sure you remember that the next time someone flagrantly teabags you and sends a message brimming with epithets your way. 

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Kyle MacGregor Burleson