Call of Duty action figures: Ugly men to live on your toy shelf

Fresh from announcing its Guitar Hero action figures (no Grim Ripper = fail, by the way), the McFarlane Toy company is also planning to bring out some Call of Duty: World at War figures this fall. The toys are set to release around the same time as Treyarch’s sequel, and are due to be a set of four.

The above image is the first revealed figure, which MTV Multiplayer was given the first glimpse of. You can see a full shot of this British Special Ops soldier down below. The full set will include the following happy campers, all of whom are probably as handsome as the Brit:

Marine Infantry, Battle of Peleliu – Includes M1 Garand rifle and M1 bayonet
Marine Corps with Flamethrower, Battle of Peleliu – Includes M2-2 flamethrower with removable flame, and M1911A1 pistol & holster
Marine Corps with Machine Gun, Battle of Okinawa – Includes M-1928A1 machine gun w/ 20-round magazine and M1911A1 pistol & holster
British Special Ops, Battle for the Roer Triangle – Includes Mark II Sten gun

Certainly not an idea for a toy line that I would have predicted, but an interesting choice nonetheless. Looks like Activision is all about the action figures right now, so expect a range of McFarlane Tony Hawks in the future.

James Stephanie Sterling