Call of Duty 3 gameplay videos

Spotted by: Digitalbattle

Sometimes blogging at 6am just isn’t possible, so I let my psyches take over. A conversation via my id and superego brain hemispheres:Superego: Ohhh lemme guess – it’s a video of some p**sy player hiding behind sh17 instead of helping his country just lke all the other Call of Duty games.Id: NO YOU IDIOT – this time planes can fly into buildings and BLOW UP!Superego: It’s prolly scripted you moron!Id: So are Tarantino movies, and those are amazing!Superego: Then why does Ego always get pissed at you when we see them?Ego: Did you say my name? Oh god, are you guys fighting over how stupid Tarantino movies are again?Superego: No, Id is just getting excited over 3 little Call of Duty videos.Ego: *Yawns* Oh, have they managed to script any fun parts finally?Id: OMG die!Superego: Not unless throwing potatoes at people counts.Id: I don’t care supergayo! I’M STILL GONNA BUY IT!Superego: Oh, I was just being an ass – I’m buying it too, definitely!Ego: Oh hell ya, fo sho!Libido: I’m gonna go preorder 3 of them right now!Hippocampus: I’ll drive!Id: Flava Flavvvvv! Click view story for 2 more videos!Close quarter combatTank Ride:

Tom Fronczak