Calculating the landmass of Azeroth; nothing says sexy like fictional math!

Tobold, who recently started mainling methadone to combat his addiction to “playing with his Gnome”, has dedicated a lot of time to figuring out the actual landmass of Azeroth, the mythical setting for World of Warcraft.

Did anyone ask for this kind of in-depth geekery? Absolutely not.

Will it postively affect the course of humankind’s evolution? It’s a detriment, if anything.

Is Destructoid proud to be on the same Internet as this Tobold fellow? You know it!

Tobold, we salute you and your fly calculations. We’d send you a puppy or something, but we’re pretty sure you’re an evil robot.

(Oh, and if anyone’s wondering, Azeroth is about 80 square miles.) 

[Via BoingBoing

Earnest Cavalli
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