Byron report hits March 27th: Brace for impact

The UK games industry is clenching its buttocks in anticipation for Dr. Tanya Byron’s infamous report on videogames and the Internet in relation to my home country’s children. As you might imagine, there’s an air of nervousness surrounding what could have huge consequences.

The report is going to come out on March 27th. It’s been a long wait since we first heard about this report, and among the details it is highly expected that Byron will push for mandatory ratings on all UK games, and, as we talked about yesterday, possibly propose ditching the BBFC in favor of PEGI. All in all though, it is hoped that Byron will produce and a fair and intelligent report that focuses on educating parents, rather than forcing legislation down our throats.

Must get my hands on a copy of this. We’ll keep you posted on what could be one of the most important moments in UK gaming.

Jim Sterling