But Microsoft, you denied that Braid would be 1200 points

Indie darlings, prepare for much joy and fanfare: Braid is finally coming out this week for XBLA! While the game may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it satisfied notoriously-hard-to-please features editor Anthony Burch, and if you make that guy happy, it’s kind of, you know, a miracle.

As much as I hate to mention it, it seems like I would be evading it otherwise: Braid costs 1200 points, which is exactly the price that was spied for it last week via Japanese sources. Microsoft later denied that price, but here it is. Of course, the immediate question on the lips of all hungrily waiting for it will be if Microsoft fibbed about Castle Crashers as well. Can we really expect to pay 1800 points for it? I sense an uproar from the rabble, coming to your message boards and cblogs very soon.

[Via Gamerscore Blog — Thanks, Joe]

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