But isn’t this nature’s way of weeding out the weak?

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So you’re sitting on the bus and you get so involved in your game of New Super Mario Bros. that you end up missing your stop. We’ve all had a moment like this, but have you ever been so involved in your game that a car almost hit you?

New York State claims that too many people are being distracted by handheld devices and it’s becoming a safety issue. With three deaths last year involving handheld device distractions, the state has decided to introduce today a legislation that will ban the use of handheld devices while crossing the road. The devices included in the ban are any handheld gaming devices, personal music players, cell phones or BlackBerries.

I think it’s ridiculous that this ban needs consideration in the first place. If you’re dumb enough to walk in a busy area and play your Nintendo DS at the same time, then maybe you deserve to be hit by a car. Consider it nature’s way of weeding out the idiots.

[Via Gamespot]

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