Burnout Paradise Remastered’s ‘in-game purchase’ listing was an error

Yikes that this had to be clarified

Burnout Paradise didn’t have microtransactions when it was originally released in 2008. That doesn’t mean that era wasn’t full of micro-DLC, much of which was propagated by EA (Skate was one of the first series I can recall that sold piecemeal content like small unlocks) — it just wasn’t present in the original Paradise.

Well since EA is EA, folks perked up at the mention of “in-game purchases” on the remaster’s PSN listing but as it turns out that was an “error.” According to EA Global Community Engagement Manager Ben Walke “there [are] no MTX or any additional paid for content” instances in Paradise, before adding a “pitch forks down” comment.

Facts are facts, but there’s a reason people are angry and distrustful of EA, and it’s ruining their studios’ reputations by proxy. When people assume the worst of you instantly it’s time to make some changes.

Ben Walke [Twitter]

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