Burning Crusade is still the greatest World of Warcraft expansion, but you can weigh in on second place here

It’s time for a vote

As I’ve opined many times these past few weeks, it’s hard to believe that the World of Warcraft character I started (an Orc Shaman) over a decade ago is still alive and well within the data centers of Blizzard. I’ve played through every expansion since, changed alliances twice, and shifted from my Orc to a Draenai Shadow Priest, to my new main, a Blood Elf Demon Hunter, who I may keep until the game blows up.

I’m willing to bet there are a few of  you who have kept up with WoW all this time, but most of you likely were passengers on this wild ride, with a favorite expansion in tow. Besides Burning Crusade, I want to know what you consider the “best” era of World of Warcraft — Vanilla counts. Disclaimer: I fully expect to see plenty of love for Wrath, and it might even win, as a large amount of the playerbase entered the game during that era. I also predict that Cataclysm will be in last place as it killed the will to play for so many long and short timers, but Draenor could pull it out if enough disappointed hardcore players weigh in — Blizzard fully admits that it had the weakest post-launch support to date.

Once the dust has settled I’ll gather the results and analyze them, as well as explain why Burning Crusade was peak WoW. Do it to it!

Chris Carter
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