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We are now living in two timelines: World of Warcraft, and World of Warcraft Classic.

The former is currently in a lull period of sorts. While I enjoyed Shadowlands as a whole, continued support has been…trying. I get that everyone is under pressure at the moment, but Square Enix are pulling off masterful things with Final Fantasy XIV, keeping fans engaged this past year. Shadowlands absolutely should have broken up the upcoming content patch into chunks, and pivoted. For now, we wait.

Classic, however, is having a watershed moment, and they’re really handling the transition extremely well. As of now, you have the option to stick with the old World of Warcraft Classic (Vanilla), leap into Burning Crusade, or do both (for a cloning fee, which went down in price recently after fan outcry). It’s a very intriguing system that essentially allows you to choose your own fate, or be a mad-person and juggle multiple characters across three total live environments (if you include the “regular” game). WoW was always a lifestyle game that demanded a ton of time, but now you can live multiple lives worth in it if you want.

To that end, Blizzard just put out a new “survival guide” for Burning Crusade Classic, and it’s worth watching even if you haven’t played BC or have no desire to play it. In just five minutes you’ll get an overview of gaming history, including a quick rundown of the new regions that were added in with WoW‘s first expansion, as well as the two race options (Draenei and Blood Elves), and the PVP alterations.

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