Bungie shuts down Halo: Reach/Project Natal speculation

Project Natal has prompted all sorts of rudderless speculation since its announcement last year, and Halo: Reach was one of the games to fall under the eyeglass. There has been recent gossip that Reach will use Natal when it finally arrives, but Bungie has today shut such chatter down for good. 

Bungie recently posted a list of “myths” regarding Reach and shot down each one of them. Of the Natal rumor, Bungie stated that, “Halo: Reach is NOT a Natal title and is being developed expressly with the traditional Xbox 360 controller in mind.”

So that’s the end of that. No Natal for Halo: Reach. Now you can all shut the f*ck up about it.

Halo: Reach Mythbusters [Bungie.net]

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