Bungie is bringing back Destiny 2’s spooky Festival of the Lost

October 6-November 3

Destiny‘s Festival of the Lost event has always been one of the more wholesome seasonal goings-on in the series. Back when the original Destiny was devoid of content it was over far too quickly, but as time has gone on and the Destiny universe has become more full, it’s a nice way to spend a few minutes each week.

The gist was that (which has blossomed into more perks and activities in recent years) you’d go around the Tower hub and go trick or treating for cosmetics: but now it’s a little more involved. In Destiny 2 you can complete Triumphs in the Haunted Forest, which will grant you rewards like a mummified Sparrow, ship and Ghost. Just know that you need to be at Power Level 750 to get into the Haunted Forest (which most characters should be at this point, duh).

Also, there are some known bugs with the event, so be aware of them going in. You can check them out below, as well as the debut trailer. The event kicks off on October 6 and will run through November 3!

During the event, players may encounter the following issues: 

  • Inspecting a Cipher Decoder will incorrectly display Masterworked versions of the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story auto rifles as potential Haunted Forest Cache drops. 
  • The Wrapped and Ready Festival of the Lost Triumph refers to the Restless Shell as the mummy Ghost, when it should be called the Festival of the Lost Ghost. 
  • The lower half of the Warlock Blood Lineage Robes Universal Armor Ornament will experience a visual texture error at the launch of Beyond Light. This issue will be resolved in a patch soon after release.   
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