Build your own NES lunchbox

If you happen to have a NES, rotary tool, and screwdriver sitting around your house, Instructables has just the creation just you. I’m proud to introduce the insanely cool NES lunchbox. This concoction of videogame fandom and reverence is sure to freak out any co-workers or classmates that may not understand what being a true nerd is all about.

The best thing about this project is how easily it can be done. The first few steps are exceedingly simple. All you have to do is unscrew the hood of the NES, pull out the wires, and trim the plastic all the way down to the base. Then attach two hinges with little screws, glue the buttons back in place and slap a ham sandwich in it. Perfection.

When I was younger I remember thinking that my Scooby-Doo lunchbox was the most amazing thing on the planet. I couldn’t even imagine how cool I would have been if I was lugging this thing around. The author of the article says that he was forced to do this project under some time constraints, and he wishes to add a handle in the future. While a handle would be sweet, I think having two cartridges jammed into the slot would be an even better choice. I feel bad for my poor NES and its exceptionally loose springs. Here’s to a new lunchbox to take to the Destructoid office every morning.

Brad BradNicholson