B*tchin’ Chrono Trigger Forza 2 car reps old-school; eases your mid-life crisis

Since the release of Forza Motorsport 2, the Destructoid staff has been seeing its share of awesome paint jobs crafted with the game’s extensive paint scheme editor. The above submission, however, stands out for two reasons:

1. Chrono Trigger. ‘Nuff said.
2. It can be yours if you’ve got the in-game credits.

Dtoid reader and vinyl-shaping badass Mike Black went through 35 hours and over 2000 decal layers to turn his Porche 997 GT3 into a retro gaming masterpiece. What’s he going to do with it now that he’s finished? Put it up for auction on Xbox Live. (Madman!) The bidding starts Tomorrow at 9pm EST and ends Friday night, so that gives you guys 24 hours to earn the dough and snatch this baby up before I beat you to it. It would be lovely to see a Destructoid decal on a ride like this, so anyone who has a copy of my Dtoid Army decal kit we’ve been passing around to our community members the past few days is encouraged to send us some pics if they win the auction. 

Great work, Mike!

Topher Cantler