Brotherly love was never coated in so much blood

Nevermind, brotherly love has been coated in blood since Cain and Abel, but it’s back again! And what’s the only thing that can come between two brothers? A woman. Say hello to the classic plot of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Seriously, from this it’s very clear that Ubisoft has at least channeled the classic motifs of the Western’s plot: Men being men until women destroy that. Stupid girls.

Fine, that might be an incredible simplification of the complex American ideals expressed in cinematic Westerns, but I’ve only got two or so paragraphs here. Moving on, this looks like some fine wild west shooting that will hopefully take care of a few of the issues the last game had. If it doesn’t it will at least involve cowboy hats and six shooters, right? Everyone loves a little six shooter action. I’m just wondering if it will have real-time reloads. Six shooters take a frickin long time. 

Matthew Razak