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Bright Memory: Infinite brings its battle angel to consoles July 21

By Gunnm, it’s almost here

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Why be a first-person-shooter when you can be a first-person-shooter-hack-n-slash-fighting-game-driving-game-open-world-indie-RPG? That was the question asked by Studio FYQD’s dynamic PC actioner Bright Memory: Infinite. And soon, console owners can find the answer to that query themselves, with a PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch port releasing on July 21.

The work of almost a single developer, Bright Memory: Infinite tells the anime-infused tale of Shelia, a special agent dispatched to scenes of inexplicable anomalies. Kitted out with some incredible firepower and acrobatic, air-slicing sword skills, Shelia finds herself embroiled in interdimensional chaos, fighting off an army of invaders and questionable governmental conspirators in the eye of a raging storm.

While the trailers may give something of an impression of a full-price, 30-hour adventure, it should be noted that Bright Memory: Infinite is a very short affair, working better as a flashy score-attack title, to be played and replayed in efforts to achieve a slicker and more balletic performance each time. It’s undeniably a fabulous-looking title, and the talent of its one-man team cannot be understated, but it’s certainly something of an acquired taste. I dig it.

Bright Memory: Infinite is available now on PC, it will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch on July 21. The console port will feature all previously released costume DLC and support for Haptic Feedback, Gyroscopic Aiming, and other console-specific features.

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