Bright Memory: Infinite brings its controlled chaos to consoles this year

bright memory infinite console port 2022

Tech-heavy title headed to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch

Anybody up for a little over-dramatic swordplay in an electrical storm should keep watch on the calendar for the remainder of the year, as Playism and the hugely talented Studio FYQD have announced that the hi-tech, first-person, slash ‘n’ shoot sequel Bright Memory: Infinite will be arriving on console platforms later this year.

Already available on PC, Bright Memory: Infinite is a sequel/revamp to the original cult hit Bright Memory, which tells the tale of a Battle Angel Alita-type hero who utilizes razor-sharp swordplay, ballistic gunplay, and an array of bio-weaponry to battle inter-dimensional invaders. While neither title is particularly long, (lasting a mere hour and change), Bright Memory is lauded for its staggering revelation that it was entirely designed, coded, and built by a single developer — making its highly impressive visuals and breathless gameplay all the more fascinating.

While Bright Memory: Infinite is admittedly a little more about its concept and invention than its actual execution, it still makes for a fun couple of hours, with combat that can be snugly described as a first-person Devil May Cry. The console editions have been tweaked to include extra features — such as DualSense integration — and the PS5 and Xbox Series X editions are expected to run a silky-smooth 120 FPS when in Performance Mode. Swish. Check out Chris Carter’s review right here.

Bright Memory: Infinite is available now on PC, it will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch this year.

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