Breaking bricks never looked so fun: Shatter revealed

I never thought I’d be enthusiastic about a brick-breaking game in 2009, but here we are. New Zealand-based developer Sidhe revealed its forthcoming PlayStation Network title Shatter yesterday, and it’s looking more or less excellent.

The name might not be immediately familiar, but Sidhe is the studio responsible for GripShift, which was a neat little game and an overall pleasant surprise. Sure, Shatter is a completely different type of project, but it’s nice to know the company has a pedigree.

Although the concept of a brick-breaker might be fairly old, Shatter appears to be a much more modern approach to the genre. It’s got a crisp, distinct visual style to it, contains 90+ minutes of original music, has bosses (always a plus), and, — as we’ve come to expect — will support leaderboards and trophies.

Even if this doesn’t sound like something you would usually go for, I recommend checking out the trailer (HD version here). Who knows, it may get you interested in Shatter like it did for me.


Focus on a Retro-Inspired, Modern-Crafted Package Makes Shatter a Game for Today’s Gamers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, WELLINGTON, New Zealand – May 14, 2009 – Sidhe, New Zealand’s largest game production studio, today announced its new original title, Shatter™, which will debut on PlayStation®Network later this year. Shatter is a retro-inspired brick-breaking game that merges familiar action with a modern-crafted production approach.

“We were inspired by classics in the genre, but were very aware of the limitations that most examples don’t overcome, which means they don’t reach the full potential possible,” said Mario Wynands, Managing Director of Sidhe. “We stripped brick-breaking back to the base elements, and rebuilt it from the ground up. The result is a much more connected and visceral experience.”

Shatter will remind players of classic brick-breaking games, but with twists that make it modern and unique including:

• Innovative controls, physics effects, power-ups, special attacks, and boss battles which combine to provide an experience that is always interactive
• Standard, Boss Rush and Bonus game modes enhanced with leaderboards and trophies
• Vibrant 3D style presented across 10 distinct worlds in 4xAA 60fps HD
• A fully scored soundtrack featuring more than 90 minutes of original music

Shatter continues Sidhe’s moves to self publish a range of original, high-quality titles for the console download market. For more information on Shatter, visit:

About Sidhe
Founded in 1997, Sidhe is an award-winning developer of console, handheld and PC games. The largest game production studio in New Zealand, Sidhe has a proven track record of creating high-quality, mass-market, licensed and original titles for a worldwide audience. The studio has produced more than 20 high-profile titles including GripShift® (Xbox 360, PS3, PSP), Jackass™ the Game (PSP, PS2), and most recently Speed Racer The Videogame™ (Wii, PS2), as well as multiple games based on the NRL Rugby League franchise. For more information on Sidhe, please visit:

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