Bravely Default boss says that he already has ideas for a Bravely Third

‘It could even be a smartphone game’

Bravely Default has carved out a nice little niche for itself.

At this point it’s nearly an eight-year-old series (!) that just refused to give up. A polarizing but strong 3DS debut kind of sealed the deal that this franchise would be around for a while, and an even more polarizing follow-up (Bravely Second) helped maintain its relevance in 2015.

Confusingly for everyone but ardent fans, Bravely Default II, which is not the second entry in the series but rather the second mainline entry, is coming to Switch in 2020. Oh and there’s a browser spinoff and a mobile game wedged in there too (2012 for the former and 2015 for the latter). This series has been busy, despite the lack of buzz in the west.

It could live on well after the release of the upcoming Switch game too, if producer Tomoya Asano (who has been with the series since the original) has anything to say about it. Speaking to Famitsu (translated by Nintendo Everything), Asano replied to the possibility of Bravely Third by saying: “I do have a concept for it. I haven’t nailed down the particulars intentionally, so it could even be a smartphone game. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to make it in the future if fans support the series.”

If history repeats itself (ha, get it?), fans will show up, especially on the ever-popular Switch platform. Odds are there will be another Bravely entry, but I hope it’s also on Switch.

Bravely Third [Famitsu via Nintendo Everything]

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