Boxers will have style in Fight Night Round 4, act surprised

I won’t be shy. I want to pummel faces and blacken eyes in Fight Night Round 4. According to the latest teaser trailer for the game, I’ll be able to do just that. One important detail, though: I’ll have the ability to jack jaws with style.

And style is what this latest trailer is all about. In it, you’ll notice the deadly delivery of “Iron” Mike Tyson and the characteristic agility of Roy Jones Jr. I don’t think I’m too big of a leap off the rational bridge when I write that EA has injected Fight Night Round 4’s boxers with their actual in-the-ring style and attitudes.

In any of the footage we’ve brought you thus far, I’ve yet to notice any elbows, below the belt shenanigans or biting. Fight Night Round 4 won’t be complete without these three things, EA. Make it happen.

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