Bottom-boob: Ikki Tousen Xross Impact for PSP has it

People from my neck of the woods snicker or giggle when we hear the name Ikki Tousen. See, we all kind of look down on it like we haven’t watched it or don’t enjoy it. Don’t believe that crap for a second.

In the world of Ikki Tousen, a popular anime and manga, everyone fights everyone else. And clothing? Well, it doesn’t stay on very well in this world. Here, fighting has just as much to do with the ripping off of clothing as it does punching and kicking. Brilliant, I say. 

The brawl comes to the PSP (again) in a new fighter called Ikki Tousen Xross Impact. The “impact” is the bottom half of a set of boobs popping up on your screen during fights. Set to release on April Fool’s Day next year, the game will include 22 busty fighters, two player ad-hoc cooperative play. Oh, and boobs — boobs as moves, boobs as finishers, and boobs as rewards.

According to Andria Sang, a special limited edition (9,975 yen) will come with a collectable Nendroid figure, a drama CD, a set of 24 menko cards, and a poster of the new character, all packaged in a “sexy” box. 

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