Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is getting a Journey crossover next week

There is still content to be added to Bloodstained

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night still has some more journeys to undertake. Or, at least one. Bloodstained is getting a Journey crossover update on August 23, 2022.

The new crossover will add an entirely new section of the castle, dubbed “The Tunnels,” inspired by thatgamecompany’s Journey. Once players have found the area, they’ll be able to explore the depths and discover new areas, though it will require some explorations and shard activities to navigate.

Once you reach the end, a final boss fight awaits. And upon beating it, you’ll get an undisclosed special item that is inspired by Journey.

Alongside the update, the Bloodstained team is also issuing a few issue fixes and tune-ups. In order to access the new area, you’ll have to progress decently far into the game. The entrance will appear after you’ve freed a certain character and gained access to the Den of the Behemoths, though it’s not in the Den of Behemoths. Because it’s a new and hidden area, The Tunnels will not affect map completion percentages or achievements.

Immortal life

This is a really neat update, and I do enjoy both Bloodstained and Journey. The surprise in this isn’t exactly coming from these two mashing up together, but the fact that Bloodstained is still getting content updates.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night launched in 2019, after a fairly lengthy Kickstarter campaign. [Disclosure: I backed the Bloodstained Kickstarter at the “get a copy of the game” tier.] It’s since had a bunch of crossovers, a retro-prequel game that got its own sequel, and a bunch of other content all associated with this Vania-style game.

I’m not really complaining, even though I haven’t gone back to Bloodstained to check out any of the extra content. Despite years of Kickstarter development and more, Bloodstained is keeping it rolling with new stuff. We’ll see what special tricks Journey brings to Miriam’s arsenal next week.

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