Bloodstained is getting a Child of Light Ubisoft crossover this month (Update)

Bloodstained Child of Light crossover

Due on March 31, and naturally ‘at a later date on Switch’

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After a tease late last year, people cracked the code, and recognized a subtle flute melody from the Ubisoft game Child of Light. And lo and behold, confirmed this morning by 505 Games, there’s going to be a Bloodstained Child of Light crossover.

Aurora, the hero from 2014’s Child of Light, is entering the fray. She has a light story reason for being there, having “awoken in a strange, dangerous new land.” She’ll wield the Sword of Matildis from her game, and will be accompanied by the cute floating blob wisp Igniculus (who will slow enemies and heal Aurora).

To level up she can transmute things via the NPC Johannes, and absorb shards over time to upgrade her abilities. Defeating bosses will push her even further, giving her a similar arc to Miriam where she can unlock new movement powers to traverse to more areas.

Thankfully, like some prior DLC, starting as Aurora is streamlined: you just start a new save file and choose between Miriam, Zangetsu, or Aurora with a handy menu (505 also reminds us that selecting Bloodless is possible with naming a save “BLOODLESS” in caps).

So as per usual, the crossover character will arrive on March 31 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, but not Switch. The latter will arrive “at a later date,” which is code for “whenever we can get it even remotely playable.”

[Update: The “later date” Switch edition of the Bloodstained Child of Light crossover has finally come. It was released on June 3, 2022.]

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