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Bloodborne Kart dev shows off some rad new boss fight footage

Father Gascoigne revs up his engines

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Bloodborne Kart is an in-development project mixing kart racing with the horror of Bloodborne, and today we got a new glimpse of what that combination looks like. A new video spotlights Father Gascoigne and his dangerous wheels in a karting boss fight.

LWMedia, a.k.a. Lilith Walther, has been working on Bloodborne Kart for a little while. It’s the latest project following her popular demake of Bloodborne into PSX-era graphics. Kart has the same graphical style, but leans into another beloved aspect of that console generation: mascot kart racers.

In today’s video, we get a good look at the Campaign Mode’s Father Gascoigne boss fight. It moves from a racetrack chase through Yharnam to an arena, where an enraged Father Gascoigne does away with pretense and hoists up his machine gun.

There are a few things I love about this: first, the reimagining of the lead-up to Gascoigne’s arena as a kart racer track. The boulder area in particular made me smile. But also, this take on Bloodborne as a vehicular combat arena rules, and I’m eager to see more of it. The boss fight clocks in at a decent length, though that’s something Walther seems to still be fine-tuning.

Fear the old fuel

In today’s update on YouTube, Walther also shares some details about Campaign mode. It will feature a “linear progression” of levels, with story cards strung between to tie them together. They’ll be made up of Races, Battles, and Special; the last of those is like what we see here, with Father Gascoigne.

Winning levels will net the player racer and kart unlocks, echoes for levelling up, and insight. If you collect all the insight, you’ll unlock something special too. Knowing how insight worked in Bloodborne, I am equal parts interested and concerned about what that secret might be.

Bloodborne Kart is still in development, but safe to say that when it’s ready to rev up those engines, I’ll be there.

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