Blood of Bahamut screens feature a Colossus-looking wolf thing

I still don’t know exactly what the hell is going on in this upcoming Square Enix DS RPG, but I know I want it. I see sprite-y dudes fighting huge polygonal beasts and I’m sold. Apparently the people of this game’s world lived on the backs of these beasts until they woke up one day. Like I said before, it’s looks like a cross between Final Fantasy and Shadow of the Colossus, and that’s totally cool with me.

These new screens show plenty of hot action, but I still can’t tell what’s going on from them. The huge Wolf thing makes several appearances, though. And then there’s a smaller wolf thing/person named Santiago. And then there’s crystals, lighting bolts, hit points coming out of heads, and all the other things I’m a sucker for. 

Too bad there’s no release date for Blood of Bahamut yet.

[Via Gamekyo]

Dale North