Bloggers Wanted: It’s spooky season

October Bloggers Wanted for spooky season

Give us pumpkin to talk about

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We just hit October, and you guys know what that means: it’s officially spooky season! Break out your cozy jumpers, grab some candy corn, and take a big whiff of that pumpkin spice in the air, because it’s the best time of the year. Of course, to adequately celebrate the holiday, I’m going to be watching some of my favorite Halloween movies (the Disney Channel ones go so hard), and easing my way into some scary games, which I haven’t really been brave enough to try yet.

I’m kind of the biggest wimp in the world, so the selection of what I can handle is pretty small. I’ve heard Inside has the whole spooky-without-being-too-frightening thing going on, so maybe I’ll give that one a shot. I think I’m gonna start with Until Dawn, though — if I have to be scared, at least I get to look at Rami Malek and Jordan Fisher, right?

Playdead's Inside

So this time around, the prompt is pretty simple. We just wanna know what games you like to play for the Halloween season. Let us know your favorites, and feel free to share any spine-chilling stories from your own adventures. If it makes your hair stand up on end, we want to hear about it for October’s Bloggers Wanted.

If you want your story featured, head on over to the community blogs, and feel free to headline your article however you see fit — we’ll find it. Submissions are closing at the end of the month (October 31), and we’ll be highlighting our favorites on the front page!

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