Bloggers Wanted: Share your most heartwarming gaming story

Bloggers Wanted: Heartwarming gaming stories

Sometimes, a little kumbaya can do us some good

Look, it’s no secret that everything is bad right now. It’s pretty impossible to look around and not see something that sends me into a depressive spiral, whether it’s in the gaming news or otherwise. But, as much as it can feel indulgent to do so, fixating on the negative isn’t really productive, so instead we’re shifting focus to our gaming stories that make us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

The first thing that comes to mind for me was the group of guys I used to play Overwatch with when I was in college. I was the youngest by far, so the guys took me on as their surrogate younger sister, and always looked out for me, in game and in my life when I needed advice. When one of them got married, we all decided to go, and I met the whole team in person for the first time. We had a blast, and although I haven’t really seen them since, we still keep up and that’s one of the fondest memories I have to come out of all my years of gaming. Here’s our team Christmas photo we took in 2019:

A festive celebration in Overwatch

So, that got me thinking, what other stories do our community have to share? What moments have made your life better for having been a gamer?

Maybe your friends celebrated your birthday in Minecraft, when everyone else seemed to have forgotten. Maybe you bonded with a random group of people in Apex Legends, who brightened up your night in more ways than they could know. Maybe you and a family member bonded over some Stardew Valley couch co-op. Whatever it is that makes you smile when you think about it, we want to hear about it for August’s Bloggers Wanted.

If you want your story featured, head on over to the community blogs, and feel free to headline your article however you see fit — we’ll find it. Submissions are closing at the end of the month (August 31), and we’ll be highlighting our favorites on the front page!

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