Bloggers Wanted: Double dipping

Ever need a game on all the things?

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Ever since I got a new gaming laptop and a Nintendo Switch, I’ve found some of my PS4 and Vita games migrating to them. This isn’t an entirely bad thing, as it frees up storage on my PlayStation platforms, (where storage is often tight anyway), but some of it just boils down to the fact that I want a lot of my favorite games on more portable platforms. 

Rogue Legacy, Transistor and Dark Souls recently came out on the Switch and, despite having them on PS4, I just couldn’t help but want them for the Switch. I imported Okami for Switch even though digital would have been fine and I had it on PS4, but the Zelda-like nature of Okami just feels right on a Nintendo system. I wanted to play these games during my lunch breaks at work. A lot of games I have for PlayStation platforms just feel better on the Switch sometimes.

That’s not to say my PlayStation platforms aren’t home to repeat purchases. If Castlevania: Symphony of Night appears anywhere, I’ll get it. I play the game nearly every year as it is, so having even a mildly updated version of the game is more than welcome. I have also owned Metal Gear Solid 3 and Super Metroid across various platforms for this same reason. It’s just a matter of time before I replay these amazing classics and sometimes discover new things about them. 

I have Final Fantasy XIV on both PC and PS4, because I like to watch Netflix on my PS4 and I can do crafting or questing on my PC, or maybe I just want to check in with friends there while I continue playing The Last of Us Remastered. And if I need to do various things on PC, I have FFXIV on my PS4 to attend to things there. 

Some of you may have just got Diablo III for the second – possibly third – time in six years. I’m enjoying it for the first time on Nintendo Switch. I never really played it before, so my Demon Hunter, Violet, and her loyal Hyrulian cucco are looking forward to many great looting adventures on my lunch breaks!

So for this month, our blogging topic is double-dipping! What are the games that you will go out of your way to have on another platform? Do you just need to have The Binding of Issac or Dead Cells on everything? Are you hording multiple copies of Grand Theft Auto V just in case you lose one? Maybe you feel better knowing Mega Man is in your pocket, as well as on your PS4?

Head on over to the community blogs and get to writing! Use the topic name “Double dipping: [Your title here]” and be sure to add “Bloggers Wanted” to the tags at the bottom!

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