Blizzard is going to completely overhaul Heroes of the Storm matchmaking

After a warranted rant from a top player

Yesterday, a rant from #1 rated Heroes of the Storm player Srey took reddit by…storm (ha). Essentially, he pleaded for a better matchmaking experience both on lower and higher levels of play. Right now, the system seemingly creates entropy, and even as the highest-ranked player, he often encounters teams of newcomers — this should rightfully never happen.

So, Blizzard has taken to the topic on its official forums and noted that changes are coming. At some point in the future, improvements will be made to match players closer together in terms of skill, as well as matching them based on experience, not just MMR (an invisible ranking system).

I can identify with this. Although I’m far from a top-ranked player, I usually make it to a point where I’m ranked fairly high, then get stuck with players in draft-mode who refuse to cooperate with the team, throw games, or don’t know basic concepts like objective play. I’d really appreciate a better matchmaking system for both Quickmatch and Hero League.

Link: I’m the #1 rated Heroes of the Storm player []

Chris Carter
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