Blasphemous is getting New Game+ and a whole lot more on August 4

With the free content update The Stir of Dawn

Blasphemous is expanding with a major free update for PC and consoles on August 4, 2020.

The Stir of Dawn is our long-awaited New Game+ update, but that’s far from the only reason to revisit Blasphemous. The Game Kitchen is also adding “new storylines, NPCs, bosses, enemies, and areas to discover,” fast-travel points to make sleuthing for secrets less of a chore, more items, “level art reworks,” revised voice acting and Spanish language support, and numerous balance changes.

The choose-your-penitence system also caught my eye. It’s a way to optionally shake up your typical Blasphemous routine with challenging trade-offs. For instance, one penitence – Unwavering Faith – cuts your Mea Culpa sword’s damage in half but grants an endless supply of regenerating fervor.

Just yesterday, I was browsing my Switch library for older games that had slipped off the home screen, and Blasphemous stood out. I was this close to starting a new run – partially because I want to see every gruesome boss again, partially because it’s been so long that I don’t remember how to play well.

Two-ish weeks isn’t a long wait. I’ll make full use of New Game+ and those extra fast-travel spots.

Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn – Free DLC Launching August 4th! [Team17]

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