Unholy horror returns this August with Team17’s Blasphemous II

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Say Your Prayers

Something very wicked this way comes, as publisher Team17 and developer The Game Kitchen have announced a release date for their unholy sequel Blasphemous II. The second scripture in this particularly sinful franchise will launch on PC, Switch, and Gen9 platforms on August 24.

Continuing on from the Wounds of Eventide DLC, Blasphemous II follows the continuing adventures of The Penitent One, torn from the grave and thrown back into a terrible cycle of death and return, confronting sinners and ensuring redemption is paid for their actions — usually at the end of a particularly pointy stick. The sequel offers up a vast and entirely new labyrinth, ready and waiting for our protagonist and their array of hideous new weaponry. Of course, a gallery of hellish new enemies awaits, including Blasphemous‘ memorable and utterly horrible boss battles.

A new release date trailer (courtesy of IGN) spotlights the Gothic grossness of Blasphemous II‘s new world, along with its returning bloodlust, highly technical combat, and beautifully ugly environments. For all of you Inquisitors out there, The Game Kitchen’s sequel looks to deliver upon the excitement, challenge, and abject misery of the 2019 original, and is set to stain your soul once again.

Blasphemous II launches August 24 on PS5, PC, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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