Bladestorm: The 100 Years War demo rides onto XBLA and PSN this Thursday

Koei’s latest console action strategy, Bladestorm: The 100 Years War nabbed itself an 8/10 from PSW magazine, proving once and for all that everything I say about the company’s greatness is 100% true and accurate. Seriously though, Bladestorm is looking very good and we’ll soon be able to judge for ourselves when the game demo hits Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on Thursday.

Retelling the famous war between England and France, the title seems like a spiritual successor to Koei’s cult favorite Kessen series, but with perhaps more action elements included. The pleasing score from PSW is encouraging enough. When it doesn’t whore out its franchises to the Nth degree, Koei can be quite original in its content. 

If you’re intrigued, be sure to check out CVG’s collection of screenshots as well. I certainly recommend strategy fans check this one out, as there is rarely a company better at tactical games on home consoles than Koei.

James Stephanie Sterling