Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is out now for PC and consoles

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition

A classic adventure remastered by Nightdive

One of Westwood’s classics is enhanced and available again, this time for modern hardware. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is finally out today for PC and consoles.

Nightdive Studios put together this remastered version of the 1997 adventure classic. It’s available digitally on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, and on the Nintendo Switch. The Enhanced Edition is also getting a Limited Run physical version, too.

While Westwood may be known for its history in the real-time strategy genre, Blade Runner was its surprise adventure hit. It runs alongside the Ridley Scott film, weaving through the events of the movie. It has branching paths though, and has been well-remembered for both its style and impressive design.

Remastered dreams of electric sheep

Nightdive, the studio which has tackled other remasters like System Shock: Enhanced Edition, has put a few modern touches on Blade Runner. Since it’s coming to consoles, gamepad support is an obvious one.

The original Westwood videos have been upscaled to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. There is also an HD display, and a new clue interface. Plus, international fans can use the original foreign-language translations in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Chinese subtitles.

As for reception? Well, it currently seems iffy. Users on Steam are voting it into the Mostly Negative tier on launch day. Rock Paper Shotgun also had some words about this Enhanced Edition compared to other options, and provided some good comparison screenshots.

There is another version of the original Blade Runner just for PC, on GOG. So if your impressions of the Enhanced Edition are similarly tepid, you can at least pick that one up instead.

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