BlackLight: Tango Down offers trillions of weapon combos

Developer Zombie Studios is just packing content into its upcoming digital download-only first-person shooter, BlackLight: Tango Down. Today, the game’s publisher Ignition Entertainment has revealed the game’s weapon customization system.

The publisher calls it “truly groundbreaking,” allowing for “trillions of weapon combinations.” Far from the fictional insanity of Borderland’s weapon cache, BlackLight‘s customization is said to be “firmly ground in reality,” based on weapons soldiers have been using since the 60s.

The system is based around five core weapon types, like an SMG or a shotgun. Using that as a base, it’s possible to modify barrels, stocks, and weapon tags to increase things ilk accuracy, speed, and kickback. Ignition says that players can choose from 152 million different types of primary weapon combos, 157,2478 secondary combos, and further customize with 312 character model/camouflage combinations. Woah.

Of course, you can customize weapons until the cows come home. (And then once they come home, I guess you shoot them?) But if the game itself isn’t any good, what’s the point? It shouldn’t be long until we find out — the title hits Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC digital download platforms this summer.

For more on BlackLight: Tango Down, check out the interview we ran back in April.

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