Blacklight: Tango Down gets second update for PC, XBLA

Publisher Ignition Entertainment just shot us a note to give us a heads up on the Blacklight: Tango Down patch for Xbox Live Arcade and PC that should be available today.

It’s the second update that’s been made available since the game’s launch earlier this year, and is said to fix a number of issues based on community feedback. This includes spawn issues, round times, matchmaking, and more. The “trial timer” on the game’s demo has also been reset, so if you had checked out the game before and took issue with bugs or gameplay problems, you can check it out again to see if developer Zombie Studios can change your mind.

Ignition also notes that all of the updates will be available in the forthcoming PlayStation Network version of the game, which is “set to launch within the next few weeks.” For folks who like reading lists, there are patch notes in the gallery.

Nick Chester