Black Ops III has a classic Zombies map remake, but only for special editions

We’ve seen this trick before

Treyarch’s at San Diego Comic-Con spilling the beans about Black Ops III‘s Zombie modes. The biggest splash came from the new film-noir “Shadows of Evil” and its star-studded cast. But, Black Ops III also has something familiar for some of its players.

Also announced at the Treyarch panel was a remake of classic World at War Zombie map “Der Riese.” It’s called “The Giant” this time ’round, and the catch is that it’s only included in the special editions of Black Ops III. Eligible versions include the Juggernog Edition, the Hardened Edition, and the Deluxe Digital Edition. All of those cost at least $20 more than the base game.

This isn’t the first time Treyarch has repurposed this particular map. It also came packaged with the original Black Ops‘ Hardened and Prestige editions. However, it didn’t stay exclusive forever; it was eventually released approximately nine months later as part of the Rezurrection map pack. Don’t be too shocked if “The Giant” follows suit. History’s doomed to repeat itself, after all.

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