Black College Football: The Xperience: Is this racist or just really stupid?

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The above teaser is the first bit of media released for Nerjyzed Entertainment’s upcoming Black College Football: The Xperience, and no, that’s not a typo. I suppose the planned urbanization of the game’s title is supposed to appeal to this thing’s hypothetical Nubian demographic, but one gets the feeling that it’s all a ruse to sucker in white teens whose grasp of irony prevents them from quite understanding why calling themselves T-Bone and Blackula is so damn hilarious.

I’d like to be optimistic and assume that Nerjyzed Entertainment — a company whose corporate info page claims “Founded in 2003, Nerjyzed began with a four-member team of business professionals, entrepreneurs, game developers, designers, marketers, broadcasters and technologists with a proven track record in the entertainment, sports and video gaming arena. These founding members share the distinction of having graduated from Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s).” — is really making a worthy effort to expose the rich, storied history of black athletics to an audience outside of those already familiar with Bryant Gumbel’s HBO specials, but the realistic side of me realizes that this game is going to be purchased almost exclusively by the same people who bought Juiced or took their Mulatto girlfriends to see Drumline much to the dismay of their Fundamentalist Christian parents.

These children lack any viable culture of their own, so they’re forced to imitate other cultures in a vain attempt at connecting with some sort of shared history. While their efforts are tragic when viewed in that light, watching some stupid honky blast Jay-Z from his parent’s Honda Civic is really just embarassing to anyone within earshot, and I’d like to sarcastically thank Nerjyzed for allowing them to continue their asinine modern-day facsimilie of the punk movement.

[Jayfresh, thanks for sending me a tip that pissed me off so damn much!] 

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