Bizzare Cracks Down On Geometry Wars Clone

Geometry Wars

If you own an XBox 360, you have undoubtedly played the awesome Geometry Wars, an amazingly fun, visually exciting title with Asteroids-esque gameplay. If you don’t have a 360, you may well have played it’s fraternal twin, Grid Wars, an almost identical clone, available free on the interweb.How Geometry Wars creators Bizarre held out this long before taking action against the PC rip-off is beyond me, but apparently they have finally lowered the boom by politley asking the distributor of Grid Wars to remove the game from its site. The distributor has complied and all download links on their site have been removed.This brings up a lot of questions of copywrite infringement and how far one can go when “copying” a game. Certainly there are tons of internet games out there that mimic or downright rip off other games, but how far should this be allowed to go?via Euro Gamer

Flynn De Marco