Bit Transmission episode 4, with guest Ashley Davis

Real quick, I have to talk about that header image. I asked Holmes to see about making the portrait of Ashley Davis seen in the above dialog box. Of course, he’s much smarter than I am and thought about actually asking her for it instead. Thirty minutes later, I have it in my inbox. That may not impress some of you, but it floored me.

This week’s episode had some trials and tribulations associated with it. Between the PAX weekend and the Passover holiday going on, things were already going to be crazy. So, of course, this is the week where static electricity caused us to lose the entire episode while recording. There’s no excuse for us sounding a little bored or tired — if that’s how you think we come off — but it’s at least a reason.

The show is all about Cave Story, really. We chatted a bit about WarioWare DIY and the 3DS, but almost all of this is devoted to Pixel’s masterpiece. We hope you enjoy it. Show notes reside below the fold.

Direct download: BTP004.mp3

Bit Transmission ep#004 
Total running time: 1:03:57

0:00:56 – 0:03:50 | WarioWare DIY
0:04:05 – 0:06:50 | Cave Story is awesome
0:06:52 – 0:12:40 | Sequel?
0:12:41 – 0:18:51 | Meet Karl
0:19:11 – 0:23:10 | Character designs and their emotional effect
0:23:15 – 0:30:20 | Cave Story music: original vs. remix 
0:31:20 – 0:31:45 | Curly’s unmentionables
0:31:47 – 0:40:55 | Narrative structure (Q from silvain) [**HEAVY SPOILER WARNING**]
0:40:57 – 0:44:51 | Cave Story WiiWare bonus features
0:45:08 – 0:54:30 | 3DS
0:54:49 – 1:03:03 | Davis’ art and projects
1:03:05 – 1:03:57 | Closing and episode 4 tease

Music used in this episode 
“On to Grasstown” – Cave Story 
“Jenka” – Cave Story
“Moonsong” – Cave Story

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