Bing search engine adds casual games, game database

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The Microsoft internet search engine Bing is doing some videogame related things.

First off, they’ve integrated about 100 casual games into the search service. Go to the Entertainment section, and under “Games” you’ll see that there’s several games with a “Play Now” button by them. I was rocking some Zuma’s Revenge this morning. There’s other offerings from PopCap and others as well as classic stuff like Solitare. All of these are totally free to play. Thanks, Bing!

The other game-related addition to Bing is a connection to IGN’s massive game database. Your search results for games are now a lot smarter, and now includes links to reviews and screens. Check out this search for God of War: You’ll get videos that play and box art right away. There are also review scores and links in a box right above the first search results.

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