Biggest waste of $20 bucks, the bootleg?

Update 2:

Niero: As you know, EA had the nuts to charge $20 on payperview for a video game demonstration of Madden 2007. Apparently a “leaked version” of it just became available on the web but you can’t hear the audio and its otherwise a very frustrating experience, but you can see some of the game anyway. Now. We all you use YouTube on a regular basis and rarely do I ever come across footage this poor, even with guys recording DS games as they hold the camera with their mouths. After what did, I wouldn’t be surprised if the shoddiness of the film is part of a lame viral teaser conspiracy. Other than it appearing on a suspiciously brand new YouTube account, I can’t back that up any further. Here’s whats probably more true: I just goes to show that morons who can’t even hold a camera at a non-moving object were the kind of people who paid to watch this. Take a look before THE MAN yanks all of it’s 8 parts off the web. The original story follows:Madden07mainpicHey Madden addicts! I have a special once in a life time offer for you! Can’t wait to get your hands on Madden ’07?!?!? Well beginning on August 4th, you can watch an hour long pay-per-view special which will consist of a guided tour of all the new features this season! Yep, EA is hoping people will spend $20 dollars to watch someone else play a game. Awe…awesome. Madden07.jpgEA and ESPN has teamed up for a first in video game history. A special pay-per-view event will be available starting August 4th at 9pm EST titled, “Inside Madden NFL 07.†Hardcore Madden fans will get an inside look at what it took to make the highly anticipated title coming out for all next-gen platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) 18 days before it’s official launch on August 22nd.Gamers willing to fork over $19.95 for the hour long special will be on a “guided tour through new changes and advances in all aspects of the game.†This also includes the “exclusive release of player ratings and tips from top Madden gamers and behind-the-scenes details about the making of the next-generation Madden NFL games.â€Also part of the show is a play test conducted in Orlando at EA Tiburon’s studio by some of the best in the game. The lucky players included:- Dwayne “D-Train Harrison”(winner of the 2002 Madden Challenge)- Jarvis Thomas(winner of the 2005 Madden Challenge)- Justin Chow(Washington DC regional winner of the 2005 Madden Challenge)- Will Kinsler(co-owner of, and writer for gaming strategy guides and EA Sports)- Rod “Reality” Winn(a former competitor on ESPN’s Madden Nation)[Via: JoyStiq]

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