Big Xbox One Memorial Day sale gives free controller, game, and $80 off

That’s some damn good deal, Lou

Microsoft has thrown out the big deal hammer and it’s smashing through our savings window! (This sentence written by a ’90s local TV ad writer). As of this morning, the Microsoft Store has select Xbox One bundles on sale for up to $80 off, plus you’ll also receive a free extra controller and a free Ubisoft title from a selection of five (*gasp* I knew there was a catch).

In all seriousness though, this is a pretty great Xbox One deal, which seems to be the central theme every month this year. Our best pick is the 1TB Spring bundle which includes four titles and a $80 discount. The second best would be the 1TB Rainbow Six Siege Bundle with a similar discount. All other bundle deals with the free controller are only receiving a $50 discount

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Should you grab these bundles or wait and see what new things Microsoft will reveal in two weeks at E3? Here’s our thought: if you’ve been on the fence and you’re waiting for the best Xbox One deal, this is arguably the best one thus far this year. If you’re not the type to regret seeing newer hardware out later this year, then you’re in the clear. If you are the type, keep your wallet close-by.

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