(Update) July 1 has been declared Bidoof Day

Bidoof Day artwork

A day for general Bidoofery

[Update: As of this writing, it is July 1, and Nintendo has posted a Bidoof Day video that is very worth your time. Check it out below, followed by our original post.]

Clear your schedule, because Thursday is no longer just a normal Thursday. The Pokemon Company announced today that July 1 has been declared Bidoof Day, a full day of celebrating the Pokemon Bidoof.

What this entails seems to be a number of Bidoof-related events and special celebrations across various Pokemon games. Serebii has been tracking some of the specifics, and there are also a few other promotions, like Bidoof-centric episodes airing on Pokemon TV.

Bidoof has been a bit of a meme in the past, and with a full day of festivities in store, it seems like The Pokemon Company is just leaning into it. Honestly, I’m down for it, let’s make it a national holiday; a full 24-hour Bidoofapalooza.

There’s more Pokemon to come in July as well, as the Switch version of the Poke-MOBA Pokemon Unite will go live in July. It’s got a number of well-known monsters in it, though sadly, it doesn’t look like Bidoof is one of the playable Pokemon yet.

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