Bethesda’s 2016 E3 press conference

Will there be any surprises?

[Update: It’s over! Come talk about it here and share your thoughts.]

After EA’s lackluster conference earlier today, it won’t be hard for Bethesda to top them.

We know more Dishonored 2 is coming. as well as more news (and possibly updates like sales numbers) for Fallout 4. But rumor has it that we’ll finally get a look at Prey 2, as well as Wolfenstein 2, and a Skyrim remaster. Watch the conference for yourself along with us at 7PM PT, and we’ll provide updates as they come.

Honestly, anyone from Bethesda could just walk out on stage, say “Skyrim on PS4 and Xbox One bitches,” drop the mic, and it would be better than the display EA had today. I’ve also dropped in some of the trivia questions from the stream in the gallery below that you all can answer among yourselves!

Chris Carter
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