Bethesda to publish Wii-racer Wheelspin

Awesome Play just nabbed an awesome publisher. Earlier this morning, we learned that Bethesda Softworks would be publishing Awesome Play’s Wii-exclusive title Wheelspin in Europe. It’s not exactly Elder Scrolls (or even in its vein), but it’s not like Bethesda has steered us wrong before, right?

Wheelspin is a sci-fi racing title that appears to lean on the frenetic side. According to official release, the game will allow players to reach speeds of “up to 650 kph” without waggle across three game modes: solo, race, and battle. Judging from the screens alone, we’re guessing Wheelspin has rewritten a few pages out of the F-Zero book. Crazy loops are confirmed, folks.

Wheelspin hits in the UK this fall. Hit the break for the full press release.


Futuristic Racing Game Developed by UK-Based Awesome Play Boosts Onto Wii This Autumn

LONDON, UK – 4th AUGUST, 2009 – ZeniMax® Europe Ltd today announced that Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, will publish WHEELSPIN™, a futuristic racing game developed by Archer Maclean’s studio, Awesome Play, for Wii™. Due out in autumn 2009, WHEELSPIN is a high-energy racing, high-impact game spread across a wide range of inter-planetary tracks and features three engaging modes as well as robust multiplayer options.

Whether you play in Solo, Race, or Battle Mode, you will find yourself racing around unpredictable race tracks at exhilarating speeds of up to 650kph! While Solo mode challenges you to beat times to unlock stages, discover short cuts, and find secret spanners dotted throughout the levels, Race mode throws you into a frenzied race against seven other cars across tracks that twist, turn, and launch cars through the stratosphere. Battle mode is an all out test of aggression versus mobility as you use an arsenal of weapons at your disposal in an all-against-all battle.

WHEELSPIN also features impressive split-screen multiplayer Race and Battle modes that allows for up to eight players to compete concurrently. The game supports a combination of Wii RemoteTM, Classic Controllers, NunchukTM, Nintendo GameCubeTM controllers, and force feedback racing wheels.

“WHEELSPIN is a frantically fast-paced game which pushes the Wii to its maximum capabilities. With nothing but your own reactions and the tilt of the Wii Remote between you and victory, this game is a truly thrilling experience”, said Sean Brennan, Managing Director, ZeniMax Europe Ltd. “Archer Maclean and Awesome Play have delivered a great game which we believe gamers will relish the chance to get to grips with. WHEELSPIN makes great use of the controllers supported by the Wii and players will find that there’s the perfect control set up for their individual gaming styles”.

“WHEELSPIN was designed exclusively for the Wii – with the intention of pushing the hardware further than any other Wii racing game to date. You have to see the graphics moving to believe its coming out of a Wii – the visuals rush past smoothly at 60 FPS all in widescreen 480P mode”, said Archer Maclean, Managing Director of Awesome Play. “We are very pleased to be working with Sean and his team at Bethesda, many of whom have been involved with my previous titles going back 20 years”.

WHEELSPIN will be released for Wii across Europe in autumn 2009. For more information on Bethesda Softworks, visit

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