Bethesda shows off Fallout 76 concept art for the series’ anniversary

Fallout 76 concept art

I hope we get a single player version of this region eventually

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Bethesda has given us a glimpse into more Fallout 76 concept art, thanks to a special (SPECIAL) post on their blog this week.

As the blog suggests, and as is usually the case with concept art, a ton of potential ideas were sketched on various canvases:

“Hundreds – if not thousands – of individual pieces, from napkin sketches to entire painted landscapes, are created when crafting the world of a Fallout game. Concept art like this not only gives the developers details for making assets, they help set the look, feel and tone of the world players are about to inhabit.”

In a small series of “never-before-released” concept art, we got to see a Scorchbeast, as well as the emergence from Vault 76, a look at The Pitt, and some environmental designs. The last piece, a collage of life in a vault, looks lovely. The blog concludes with a link to Adam Adamowicz’s concept art gallery on Flickr, who provided a lot of the artistry for Fallout 3.

While Fallout 76 has made big strides since its tumultuous launch, this concept art really showcases how much potential an Appalachian fully-fledged, kept-in-the-oven-until-it-was-done new Fallout could have been. It could take a while, but I hope that Fallout 76 isn’t the last we’ve seen of this region. I guess there’s always an opportunity for DLC in some far future Fallout iteration.

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